Nafie Ali Nafie (AP)

Nafie Ali Nafie (AP)

In what I’m considering a new low, even for this administration, the State Department has announced it will be hosting a Sudanese delegation know for state sponsored terror and crimes against humanity by means of ethnic cleansing in the Darfur region.

The Obama administration agreed to a high-level meeting with a delegation from the Sudan, the State Department announced on Monday.

The Associated Press is reporting Senior officials with the National Congress Party, (NCP) of the Sudan have agreed to come to Washington for the “candid discussion on the conflicts and humanitarian crises within Sudan.”

The delegation will be led by the controversial Nafie Ali Nafie, who has been directly accused of Darfur massacres by several different watch dog groups.  In the past the US has typically declined talks with any one from the NCP and genocidal Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.  But Ali Nafie is a top al-Bashir advisor.

A Sudanese peace activist group called Girifna sent a letter to President Obama pleading with him to cancel the talks. In the letter they state their concern over Ali Nafie.

“As one of the most brutal members of the National Islamic Front regime and head of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in the 1990′s, Nafie masterminded a savage campaign of torture and killing in compounds known as ‘Ghost Houses. Thousands of people were tortured and hundreds disappeared in a campaign that saw the annihilation of voices of dissent.”

“Leaders of civil society and professional and student unions were persecuted under his direct orders,” the letter states. “He himself is known to have tortured individuals directly.”

And if that’s not enough he Washington Free Beacon is also reporting the “Sudan’s NCP has become a chief ally of Iran, helping it to transport weapons and other illicit materials that could be part of Tehran’s rogue nuclear program.”

Since when do we welcome war criminals with open arms? If it’s some sly trick to arrest these people and charge them with their atrocities then I’ll understand. But if not, shame on this administration for doing something so incredibly abhorrent.



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